"The instruction method is well received by the kids"

My son has been part of the ROG progression program for almost 2 years now. He enjoys tennis, has learned to improve his technique and has gained confidence- all thanks to Coach Richard and Coach Paul. The instruction method is well received by the kids keeping the lessons fun while helping them understand more about technique and consistency. I also feel that the players get personalised attention yet benefit from practicing in a group. Through the tournament my son has learned the rules of the match and is being gently introduced to competition in a fun and safe environment. I definitely recommend this program and appreciate all the good work. - Hadil el Faramawy
'that lesson was the best one so far..'

'that lesson was the best one so far..'

Richard has been teaching my 8 year old son Arjun for about 6 months now. Arjun is more cerebral and lacked confidence athletically.

Richard is a fabulous and well qualified tennis coach, but far more importantly for us is how empathetic he has been towards Arjun. He picked up on Arjun's need for gentle encouragement immediately and tailored his lessons to boost Arjun's self confidence and tennis ability.

Arjun's lessons are 80% tennis skills and 20% fun games that focus on coordination and stamina. Plus a huge dollop of positivity and encouragement. Arjun bounces home from every lesson and looks forward to them. Richard calls me often to give me updates on Arjun's progress.

Richard is patient with the little ones and understands when they get distracted. He is very good with refocusing them by changing up activities frequently.

At the end of every lesson, Arjun tells me 'that lesson was the best one so far..'
- Dimpel Bhayani

"Richard has great enthusiasm and passion to teach children how to play tennis. "

He is able to keep the children motivated and interested by switching from swing practice to active games and back throughout the class and focuses on each child's personal development and growth. Richard is patient in explaining and showing how to execute the different techniques and provides continuous advise and feedback on how to improve this for each individual player. Because my daughter was showing such enthusiasm and fast development for tennis I decided I wanted to start learning how to play so that I'd have a sport I could play together with my daughter. I had to start from scratch and have enjoyed Richard's teaching methods and have developed a good technique. Because of his clear instructions and support I am continuously motivated to learn more about the game and I highly recommend anyone who is interested to learn the sport, improve their game or wants to explore the opportunity of their kids learning to play to work with Richard.

"We think he is one of the best coaches in Singapore and would highly recommend him."

Our son Iishan has been having private tennis lessons with Coach Richard for nearly a year now, and Coach Richard has been instrumental in Iishan getting the tennis bug! Richard is really high energy and coaching sessions have alot of mini games, tennis scoring and etiquette, match tactics and strategy all mixed in. Richard is an inspirational and fun coach who is not afraid to be strict when necessary. He has got him to stretch his limits and aim higher. We think he is one of the best coaches in Singapore and would highly recommend him.
- Jess & Yogesh